Leaders in Heavy-Duty Filters Nicland Filter provides solutions to all   industrial applications such as: Forestry, Logging, Agriculture, Mining, Research, Transportation, Air / Water purification Hydro, Rail, and many others...


Engine & Equipment

Filters for Engine & Equipment...
Heavy duty machinery is costly to repair and replace. In many cases, a mere filter can mean the difference between a few dollars and thousands of  dollars. Call our customer service to see how much you can save on Air, Oil, Fuel, Hydraulic, Lube, Coolant and any other filter.

Air & Water PurificationAir and Water Purification...
Economical and safe, Ultraviolet Filters offer rapid water treatment without the use of heat or dangerous chemicals - often of the lowest cost available by any means. These purifiers utilize germicidal ultraviolet lamps that produce short wave radiation lethal to bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms present in water.

Aqua Fog Improve Air Quality Around You...
Whether its a mushroom production, food storage, greenhouse composting, industrial   odor control, concrete curing, or making your workstation environment safe, Nicland  Filter has the answer for you with various air-quality control systems.

Industrial Filters - HilcoFilters for Industrial Applications... Turbines, Compressors, Generators, Hydraulic Systems, Reclaimers, Pipeline, Utilities, you name it ! all of these must be protected from fluid-borne contaminates to assure service life for which they were designed. Nicland Filter can provide you the state of the art methods of oil-purification and equipment, which trap these destructive particles and remove them from circulation.

Our large warehouse is located in Western Canada and we serve not only the Canadian market, but we also provide service to our customers in South America and Africa.

Get rid of deadly      bacteria & viruses...
Economical and safe, Sanitron Ultraviolet Purifiers offer rapid air & water treatment without the use of heat or dangerous chemicals - often for the lowest cost available by any means. Click Here for more info. 

Increase Your Bottom Line !
Reduce Cost of Oil changes and Fuel consumption with High Tech "On Board Oil Recycling System" GUARANTEED to extend oil changed intervals over twice as long. Some customers achieve over 70% savings on oil cost.  Click Here here for more info. 

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